daily care agency

High Banks
Athelington Road
IP21 5EH




The Daily Care Agency operates as a Domiciliary Care Agency (not just an introducer of care workers) and as such is regulated and inspected annually by the Commission for Social Care Inspection. This ensures that clients receive a quality dependable, trustworthy and flexible service that complies with the National Minimum Standards and Domiciliary Care Regulations 2002. (Copies are available on request) The Daily Care Agency provides care workers to help people who otherwise may not be able to remain in their own homes. This service enables people to live independently within their community with the practical and emotional support needed to maintain their individual independence, safety and dignity.
The Daily Care Agency will provide, manage and review on a regular basis, an individual care plan to clients care needs. This plan will show how these needs are to be met and will take into account the views and wishes of the client. Care will be provided on a needs led basis, allowing for flexibility and additional cover arranged for Carers holiday and sickness periods.
The Daily Care Agency has a pool of Carers, with a wide range of experience, meeting different needs, within the Suffolk Coastal District.