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Our Aims and Objectives:

We are committed to the following objectives and philosophy of care:

1) We will relieve the stresses, which clients may experience as a result of illness, disability or age.
2) We will respect the individuality of clients, whilst promoting their independence, dignity and safety. We will respect their privacy, personal choices, lifestyles, customs, cultures and values.

Two written references and an enhanced Criminal Records Disclosure are obtained for any new Carer joining the agency. Following an induction programme and a probationary period of one month (for new care staff) allows for regular assessment of both Carer and client to ensure all needs are met and the services delivered conform to The National Minimum Standards. The Agency is itself, inspected by The Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI) to assess our services against The National Minimum Standards. Copies of our Inspection reports are available to be seen on request.

Services we provide:

The Daily Care Agency is able to provide Carers who can help with shopping, cleaning, companionship, accompanying to appointments, collecting prescriptions, washing/bathing and overnight visits. An overnight visit can either be an awake duty or sleeping nearby with a facility for being called during the night i.e. a bell. All Carers are chosen with care to be the right ‘match’ for clients and to be as local to the client as possible. Once a Carer has been matched with a client, every endeavour will be made for that Carer to maintain care. Holiday and sickness cover may be needed and again every care will be taken to ensure the correct relief care, if the client wishes to have that time covered.  
We can offer services to elderly people, people with a learning or physical disability, people with an illness or those wishing short-term support following a stay in hospital. The Daily Care also offers respite care for residential Carers from other organisations. Our services are available 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.
We do not supply nurses and as such Carers are not permitted to give injections, change dressings, prescribe/advise on medication, cut toenails or change a catheter. Creams and lotions may be applied to the skin; fingernails may be cut with care and eye/ear drops only administered after the necessary training has been given.
Assistance may be given for medication i.e. opening a bottle or pack, shaking a bottle of liquid, placing tablet in dosage cup, handing a drink to take tablets with and reminding of the need to take medication at a recommended time. A full Medication policy is available on request.

First Steps:

The Daily Care agency can be contacted either by telephone or letter (details above) and after the initial contact a meeting for new clients will be arranged (at a time suited to them) to enable the client and The Daily Care Agency to agree an individual care plan which will include:

1) The Clients specific requirements.
2) The range of services we can supply.
3) The start date for these services.
4) When and for how long our Carer will visit.
5) The frequency for assessments of the above.

This visit will include a full assessment of the current and expected future needs of the client and an explanation of how the Agency operates. The Agency will then source a Carer particularly suited and experienced to an individual clients needs. The Carer will then contact the client direct. A meeting will then be arranged for the prospective Carer to meet the client. If this meeting is not successful due to any reason, another Carer will be introduced. The most important factor is that the client feels totally safe, secure and happy for the Carer to be in their home and responsible for their care.

Our Commitment to Quality of Service:

The Daily Care Agency aims to continually improve the development and training of our care workers and manager ensuring that we are able to deliver a dignified, flexible, practical and dependable quality service to clients at all times.
Our Clients needs will be continually assessed and monitored with regular meetings with the Client and their Carer.
The Daily Care Agency is a registered provider of care operating from

High Banks
Athelington Road
IP21 5EH

The manager of the Agency is Mrs Nikki Wyartt who can be contacted at any time, in writing to the above address or by telephoning the number/s below.

Telephone:  01379 388438
Mobile:        07977 075301
E-mail:      Please Click

The Agency’s Carers have a wide-ranging background of experience (including working in residential homes, caring for the terminally ill) and qualifications including NVQ3, NVQ2, Manual Handling certificates, Food & Hygiene Certificates. Training is an ongoing development within the Agency for all staff, encouraging continual training and appraisal to ensure our high standards of care are met for the Client. We will involve Carers and clients in the management and development of our services. Our services will be monitored regularly to ensure that they continue to meet the Client’s needs.


All information collected on behalf of clients and Carers is kept strictly confidential and used within the guidelines laid down by The Data Protection Act 1998 (Our registration No is: Z9307018). Personal care information will only be discussed with the Carer involved directly with the client.

Terms and Conditions:

The Daily Care Agency provides Carers to clients for their specific needs and invoices on a monthly basis for this service. A once only, registration fee of £25.00 is charged which will cover all the preliminary work in finding a suitable Carer (carried out by the agency) on your behalf. The registration document will form a contract between the client and The Daily Care Agency. By signing this registration document you are agreeing to regular reviews and assessments of care needs. The Daily Care Agency operates a policy of ongoing assessment and training for Carers. Part of this involves assessment in the work environment with clients, please rest assured that this will be kept to a minimum and be as unobtrusive as possible to you.
Registration forms must be completed before care visits can commence.

Invoices are issued monthly and can either be sent direct to the Client or a relative/representative. Payment of issued invoices is due within ten days unless in exceptional circumstances.
The Daily Care Agency reserves the right to charge an overdue fee on outstanding accounts.
This is currently £5.00 per full month that the account remains overdue.  Receipts are issued upon request.
Carers will request a signature from clients on their monthly time sheet, stating the hours they have worked. These time sheets are forwarded to the office to enable a monthly invoice to be raised for the client in respect of the Agency fees.
Time sheets will be copied and returned to the client after each month unless the client has requested otherwise.


The registration charge entitles the client to a service at all times. When a Carer is on holiday or sick the Agency will provide a suitable replacement, in the unlikely event of a Carer not being supplied no fee will be charged for that period.

Currently the Agency’s fee’s are:

1) £12.00 per hour    (Monday to Friday 8.00am – 6.00pm)
2) £16.00 per hour  (Before 8.00am, after 6.00pm, weekends and bank holidays)
3) £0.50p per mile travelling expenses
4) £90.00 per night (10hr sleep over) this covers up to 3 call outs per night: any further call outs are charged at £3.00 per call out

Some Carers work on a self employed basis and in a few cases the client should pay the Carer directly themselves. The Carer, (if self- employed) should submit a clear and concise (as below) invoice to the client on a regular basis. Any concerns arising from payment to the Carer should be directed to the Agency.

1) The dated period the invoice covers
2) The hours worked within that period
3) The number of miles and amount claimed for travelling expenses.

Carers reserve the right to charge for a visit (less mileage) if they are cancelled at very short notice, emergencies excepted.
If payment is made directly to the Carer, currently the fees are:

1) £8.50 per hour    (Monday to Friday 8.00am – 6.00pm)
2) £12.50 per hour  (Before 8.00am, after 6.00pm, weekends and bank holidays)
3) £0.50p per mile travelling expenses
4) £65.00 per night (10hr sleep over) this covers up to 3 call outs per night: any further call outs are charged at £3.00 per call out

The difference between the two fees is The Daily Care Agency’s commission fee and will be invoiced on a monthly basis.

Carer’s whilst in your home will be responsible for:

  • Your well being and safety
  • To deal with any emergency situation that may arise
  • Shopping, cooking (where required) keeping the Kitchen tidy
  • Laundry and ironing (where required)
  • Providing a drink for visitors
  • Keeping bedroom and bathroom tidy, making of beds (where required)
  • Accompanying you to appointments (where required)
  • Any other agreed tasks


Your Carer is being paid to look after your needs, if they have to cater or care for guests it is usual for extra remuneration to be agreed upon.
Your Carer must not bring any form of alcohol into your premises and must not consume alcohol during their visit. Your Carer should not smoke in your home.


‘If you like what we do please tell others if you do not please tell us’

Clients will be encouraged to be very pro active in their care needs, encouraged to raise concerns and provided with an easy to access (included with clients care plan) and understand complaints procedure. Many concerns can be dealt with on an informal basis by notifying the agency and with subsequent discussion held with all relevant parties to alleviate the concern.
Whilst every care is taken to ensure that we constantly deliver a quality service there may be times when a complaint arises. In the first instance a complaint should be made in writing (by the client, a relative or the client’s representative) to Mrs N. Wyartt at the above address.
This can be made in an anonymous format and will be fully investigated. 
Letters will be acknowledged within seven days. The complaint will then be investigated within fourteen days with the opportunity for the client to meet with the agency to discuss further any issues arising from the complaint. During the investigation of any complaint the complainant will be informed of the various steps and timescales necessary to reach a conclusion. The outcome of the complaint will be put in writing to the client, who will again, have the opportunity for discussion of the outcome. If the complainant is dissatisfied with the any of investigative procedures or the outcome of the complaint they may refer (at any time) to the:

Commission for Social Care Inspection
1st Floor
Fairfax House
Causton Road
Telephone: 01206 715630
Fax:           01206 715656
Email:      enquiries.colchester@csci.gsi.gov.uk


Records will be kept of any complaint and the resulting outcome and used to monitor the continued development and efficiency of The Daily Care Agency.


Compliments and Gratuities:

The Daily Care Agency always encourages compliments! Compliments work in a positive way and any such compliment is always passed on to the relevant person. Compliments also show how effectively The Daily Care Agency’s policies and procedures are working: promoting a feeling of self worth and value, for all concerned.
Whilst the Daily Care Agency does not permit gifts to be given to Carers, it is recognised that a person’s dignity is taken away when taking away the power to give and there may be occasions when a gift may be given and accepted. The Carer must report to The Daily Care Agency any giving of a gift and the gift must be very minimal in value.
The Daily Care Agency will agree, prior to commencement of care and with the client and/or family, the arrangements for paying bills, Carers expenses, shopping and the collection of pensions if applicable.
All Carers are aware of the need to safeguard the property of clients whilst carrying out their care duties and the responsibility involved when the need to use money arises.
Carers must ensure all financial details for the client i.e. shopping are recorded and receipts are kept for the client’s record.

Carers are not permitted to accept cash gifts from clients.

Quality Assurance:

The Daily Care Agency regularly monitors the policies and procedures to ensure a high quality of care service is continually delivered to their clients. This is achieved by:

  • Informal and formal discussions with both client and Carer
  • Meetings with clients and Carers on a regular basis
  • The encouragement of feedback from clients and Carers both positive and negative
  • Promoting consultations and steps to turn ‘negatives’ into ‘positives’
  • The implementing of questionnaires throughout the year, both for clients and Carers, to assess performance
  • Regular audits of information received
  • Regular assessment of Carers to identify training needs and improvements that can be made in the delivery of care.
  • The encouragement of honesty in open discussions to enable areas of improvement to be identified and improved upon.
  • Promoting the ethic of ‘Quality and dependable care’ through all staff and managers
  • Ensuring Policies and Procedures are meaningful, relevant and up to date


This statement:

Our policies and procedures, including this statement are constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure they are appropriate to meet the standards and requirements of the delivery of home care.


The Agency carries full Employers/Public Liability insurance with Castlebank Insurance Brokers Ltd of Leatherhead, Surrey.


Policies and Procedures:

The Daily Care Agency monitors and reviews, where appropriate, its Policies and Procedures. (Medication, Protection of Vulnerable Adults, Training of Staff and Staff recruitment) A full copy of any or all of these is available on request.